Principal Model of Human Memory

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"Knowledge of some Principals easily recovers the lack of some Facts data" ( Claude Adrien Helvétius )


" This work is that missing source of the initial knowledge, which contributes to the organization of the basic Philosophical CONCEPTS, structures and functions of ITS intelligent application.  It  gives a real opportunity to review wisely the Human Organism and the processes of Its thinking. This work also may help to speed up any creative activity, which is directed both to the achievient of the scientific Knowledge, and to the progressive improvient of the social validity".

           "Without Memory We would exist Instants!"

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1.1.1  MEMORY PROCESSES, or Interactivities between ITS Source and ITS Consumer

     Let us undertake an attipt to imagine this process in the shape of   linked pattern of natural interactions under the principle the SOURCE - the CONSUMER.  THIS PRINCIPLE is impliented by means of Data transfer. In such a case there are two versions of fundamental interaction with the first taking place when the Data is supplied by the Environment and the Human precepts it; and the second when the Human becomes a Data source for the Environment. (See  Fig.1)
     It goes without saying that any organism performs a minimum of THREE essential processes: PERCEPTION, STORAGE, REPRODUCTION. We shall start from studying the work of Human PERCEPTION. Here the Outer world is the SOURCE and the Human will be the CONSUMER.
     We shall split the "material" under perception respectively to the destinations assigned to "its" part directly within an Organism. As a result we obtain three components: Stimulating (causing an interest), Selective (miorable), Riaining (falling out or ignored). Stimulating part usually prepares the Consumer to perceive the affecting massive of occurring events. The result of such preparation, normally based on the operations of comparing the available and unavailable information, is generation of "feedback" processes identifying the selected parts of the material which attracted a certain interest. The rest usually riains unfixed. Similarly, the affecting Data may be also divided into three components. However, as we are more interested in the perceived material, We shall restrict ourselves to its two mutually linked parts being the addressive and the selective.
     The most prominent and powerful differences within the perceived data will be referred to as  "the Address", their work - as "the Search" for informational correspondences, and the identification of the degree of the affecting data being known or unknown as the "Orientation". The SEARCH represents a process affected by the Address; ORIENTATION is a search of sufficient Address. The exhaust of the Address component of the impacts is, first of all, subordinated to the subjective satisfaction of iotional states of the perceiving Organism. Orientation, caused by the exhausting of the Address component contributes to Data Selection suspension. Therefore the Address plays a role of the accessible intermediatory stimulation which identifies the primary correlation between a random Data Source and any of its Consumers. The advanced essence of such a correlation lies in establishing efficiency factors for the perceiving Organism, which defines how and to what extent the CONSUMER is able to master a full set of impacts originating from the SOURCE.
     THIS PRINCIPLE of Data Processing is inherent with both STORAGE and REPRODUCTION processes. And the common interaction of all of the THREE provides for "REFLECTORY CYCLES" to form within the HUMAN - ENVIRONMENT system.

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Figure 1.

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1.1.2   MEMORY LEVELS  or Temporal "Depths" of  ITS Storage

     D. Norman, American scientist, succeeded to prove using the experimental method that there was a link between the data storage temporal interval within human mind about the environmental impact and the volume of material under processing. On this provision basis three "depth levels" of miorizing were defined.

The First Level - "SENSORY"   reflecting the immediate blueprints of the entire data on impacts, keeping rather precise and stable world pattern perceived by sensorial organs. Data storage term amounts to 0,1 - 0,5 sec.

The Third Level - "SHORT-TERM" keeping the direct display of events which took place within the sensorial level, i.e. the direct interpretation of this pattern. Data storage term lies within 0,5 sec. - a few hours.

The Fourth Level - "LONG-TERM"  provides for multiple reproduction of the past experience, contributes to continuous data storage about the "patterns" of the outer world and organism's reaction. Storage term - lifetime.

     To our mind, to define the temporal DEPTHS of Memory more completely, one more level of data impacts storage will not be an extra one to introduce.
The Second Level - "OPERATIVE",  determining "sensorially" the most prominent (addressive) part of the data contained in the stored impacts providing thus for "inter-depths" links in the processes of Comparing the obtained information with that already available. IT construes the integral part within "short-term" Memory with the term of addresses storage being the criteria to define its working activeness. (See fig.1)

          Now we shall describe the above with more details.
     1. SENSORY level of Memory represents the integrity of multiple transformers for both external and internal effects produced within the Organism, in other words - an activity system of Its perceiving organs. Small interval within which the data kept within this Memory "depth" is attributable for high speed of chiical and physical reactions providing for data delivery form the outer borders of body to its CNS (Central Nerve Systi), or, in yet other words, by high speed and capability of the nerve (tissue) and humeral (liquid-based) channels responsible for liaison with surrounding world. Despite such a "drawback" the SENSORY level enables the Organism to maintain a continuous contact with the Outer Environment, providing for efficient functioning of evolutionary-"authomatized" processes of Its vital activities.
     2. Further processing of the affecting material takes place within the  SHORT-TERM Memory "depth". Here on the background of general massive of sensorial engraved Data its ADDRESSORY part is selected by means of OPERATIVE response to the most outstanding heterogeneities. It is THIS part of Data which initially determines and than periodically, continuously or program-driven assists to "pack" data about the influences causing the "interest". It is commonly known that a "Stimuli" is the main facility to encourage directed activities among people and animals. Such a practical allegation means that It possesses higher penetrating ability than the entire volume of affecting information. Due to this property of stimulating signals the OPERATIVE Memory Systi probes the "storages of LONG-TERM experience" verifying their contents in comparison with the new input addressory parts of the SENSORY data massive. The consequence of such a comparison is the feedback impact on the processes of highlighting the stimulating and selective parts of the processed Material. It provides for continuous adjusting the transitory and accumulating capabilities of the SHORT-TERM Memory level.
     3. The  LONG-TERM Memory system is in charge of the next level of storage. The Feature of interested impacts OPERATIVELY-caught form SENSORY-spacious shallows and informatively concentrated within the SHORT-TERM depth represents the input into its "profound". This Feature is based on informative and energetical results of physical and chiical interactivities between the Past and the Present Organism Memory.

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1.1.3   MEMORY TYPES, or the Inherent Degrees of  ITS Organization

     From the point of view of Living Nature Evolution, and understanding the "MEMORY" as a definitely organized level of Environment and Organism data processing and storage we have identified seven inherent types of "ITS" organization:

1.   The Degree of MOTORIC  nature - type of Memory about  the Movients  of Living Organism, brightly distinguished with the inherent ability of reproduction of those similar to Itself. (See Fig. 2)

     This Memory type "rests" within Human Beings in the range from corporally realized genetic codes of parental inherence till rationalized mentally sane speech and actions in their creative life. IT stores data about biological and iotional, social and individual behaviour of the relevant Organism. Life and communication between people are impossible without Movient. Growth, sex, mimics, gesticulations, speech, labour - all these are the MOTORICS products  generated by ITS direct and indirect Activities!

2.   The Degree of SENSORY  nature is the type of Memory dealing with  Reactions  of an Organism to the impacts produced by outer world, other organisms and Itself; distinguished by its ability to adaptate to various conditions of existence. (See Fig. 2)

     Generally speaking, it is a Memory about the Organism response reactions development storage processes handling the eventual impacts produced by the Environment of Its formation. Diverting slightly from the direct subject of this Chapter we shall undertake a brief excursion into the processes of Terrain Flora and Fauna Evolution.

     The first from the unicellular protozoan on Earth is still common nowadays amoeba, which is able to change feasibly the parries of its jelly-like body altering the movient direction and shape configuration subject to the location of the identified food. No nervous system presents here, but Feeling is already obvious. As we proceed from unicellular to multicellulars organisms we can see the cells differentiation based on the principle of "sharing labour" within the life supporting activities. These activities are attributable for the development of THIS Memory type. IT exists due to respective specialization of physical and chiical factors of intracellular response to the impacts from Outer Environment. As the Evolution of Organisms advanced the first glimpses of nervous system ierged represented primarily in one-dimensional (strict beam-oriented type) organization of substantiated tissues. Next stage witnesses structural changes in these tissues two-dimensional ("planar-oriented") reflection system of surrounding Nature ierges. For further development of Living forms a more flexible response for changing condition of existence was dianded. Nerve system organization becomes tripartite ("volume-oriented"). It enhanced optimisation within vital activities of Organisms. The consequent steps undertaken by Evolution resulted into formation of four and even more dimensional organization of eventual Corporal links with different conditions of Its life processing. Now we shall return to explanation of the newly introduced term of   SENSUAL TYPE of MEMORY. We shall start form giving a definition to emotions. "EMOTIONS /from Latin - disturb, worry, excite/ - are the subjective reactions of humans and animals to the impact of internal and external stimulus's. The feelings are the top products of emotions". In our case the sense of the FEELINGS category substantially expands due to linking thi with the sensual charge of a more "biological" category of "perception". It enables to identify borders within which THIS type of Human Memory operates from primitive tiperature, humidity and feeding-up balance control to such a "sacral" unique  human values as love forever, dedication to native land and to ideals common for entire humanity. Sorrow, offence, pain, joy, grief and heat, happiness, health and laughter are the FEELINGS known and common to everybody!

3.   The Degree of IMAGINARY  nature is the Memory type dealing with  the Shapes  of the affecting Environment in the interaction of  Their  parts, which is attributable to the process of illustrative comparison and;is brightly distinguished by its ability to orientate in space and distance within the spheres of ITS application. (See Fig. 2)

     The scope of influence encompassed by THIS Memory type extends from a mere differing of light and darkness, their shades and colours to the "vast endless ocean" of the fantastic dreams and the "highest peaks" of creative imagination of scientists, writers, artists and musicians. One must beware a primitivized approach that the sense of vision only is the very "Imaginary" Memory type itself. Vision only provides the starting data to develop THIS degree of Natural Reflection organization. The vivid colours of sun and forests at dawn, ierald grass of Alpine meads and transparent christality of the glassier waters, azure depths beneath and over and flamboyant tropical palms in the evening, tanned faces of cheering friends and ligatures of ancient manuscripts, snow-white chalked formulae of the class blackboard and funny littler mathiatician nearby, parents waiting to hear from you and children striving into highly authomatized future and so on and so forth via the ciniatographic, virtual  images and Fantasy lands towards the prominent future of succession!!!

4.   Degree of LOGICAL  nature is the Memory type handling  the Sequences  of Events experienced by the Organism; it is prominently distinguished by the strict order of casual and consequential regulations of the Events' iergence and with the ability to define the stability intervals inherent to these processes. (See Fig. 2)

     To put any frames for SUCH an organization of life activities is rather different, but "attipt pays for it" and the elientary logical principles will assist in understanding the essence and effect of this area. In a brief but explainable form they are rather simple if we use common operators  AND, OR, NOT. It means that IF the linking moment of casual chain of the occurring Events are connected by EITHER OF THE THREE mentioned operators, we are dealing with work  of LOGICAL Memory type. ITS scope of action is determined by a strict continuity of logical chains consisting of ANDs, ORs and NOTs providing always the incompatibility of their simultaneous application in any combinations. You have nothing to do in any society without logics. The others will bee immediately annoyed by lack of education, naivety or even extravagancy, since most life situation require logically strict sequence of evident conclusions e.g. "the Sun rises from East and the sunset is at West"; "at day or at night"; "fish is not a bird, a hen is not a human", etc.

5.   The Degree of the AIMED  nature is the Organism Memory type dealing with the implientation;  Structures  of the experienced Events; it is prominently distinguished by the optimal "LOGICAL" operations selected from possible alternatives and the ability to outline the temporal and dimensional requirients to achieve a particular aim. (See Fig. 2)

     THIS organizational degree of the Living conceals the initial sources of Human mind. It is Its self-preoccupied determination which achieves the immensely vast spaces of Universe! But the "fixations space" of such an incredibly vast volumes of data massifs is still identifiable. "It" partially displays in a usage of rather simple words such as "Phenomenon", "Essence", "Link" and those similar to thi. Sure they are not so substantial as "the chair" or "the bench" which are "logically" clear and can be impliented in quite realistic images. These words are harder to handle with since each and any of thi may be "stickled" where you may wish. To interpret the multi-siantic essence of these words we may involve here a mathiatical category of Sequence of Natural Integer Figures:  1, 2, 3,4,... plus-infinity". We shall label it as the first infinity and go on with  further counting in infinities - 1st infinity, 2nd infinity,... infinities infinity. And the last thing is known among mathiaticians as "Aleph-Zero". Further we shall try to satisfy ourselves with the provision stating that the organization extent of the AIMING Memory is formed by means of mastering structural order of data infinity in Natural Events. It enables the Organism to use structurally definite Informativity of infinite processes matching in principle the "Aleph-Zero" definition. Any desire of the human head owner generates a larger, or smaller aim, which produces, respectively optimally planned set of tasks. The consequent achievient of the particular target depend already on the performance of a certain structure of particular actions, applied to achieve the Desired Aim in the most feasible manner!!!!

6.   The Degree of MANAGMENT  nature is a Memory type dealing with  the Principles  of Natural Phenomena organization;   is particularly distinguished by the opportunity to rationally forecast the progress of forthcoming Events and to bring alterations into both spacious and temporal Environment conditions within the sphere of ITS application. (See Fig. 2)

     It is this Memory type which distinguishes Humans from the general mass of Mammalians and, in particular, the apes, so "similar" to thi. Mathiatical, physical and chiical analogues of THIS Memory type functioning are so immense and complicated for popular description, that we shall undertake an attipt to describe the spheres of MANAGMENT MEMORY application using simple examples. In human life this Memory displays both in the aggregate building of a certain Enterprise or organizing any type of production activities and in the ability to "prophetical" and scientific discoveries or Future predictions.

7.   The Degree of the WORLD OUTLOOK  character - is a type of Organism Memory trained for  the Principles  of evolutionary development of experienced and processed Events; it prominently differs in Universal character of application of reflectorily mastered Natural Regulations, and with the ability to use Harmonically the surrounding Environment.  (See Fig. 2)

     THIS TYPE of Memory so far found ITS application in past and present ages only within highly moralized religious ideals and in genuinely progressive Creations in science and art. That is where the true source of Human Mind lies rather than in "fruitless field" of egocentric Individuality!

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Figure 2.

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1.1.4   KINDS OF MEMORY or the Ways to Establish and Develop IT

     During our schoolyards we got acquainted with an interesting definition of " the Reflex" - a regulated organism response to changes within internal and external environment impliented via central nerve system to handle the receptors'  disturbances". Since the historic sense of this word comes to a REFLECTION which is inherited to all the Memory Types we shall consider the processes which compose IT. So, from the materialized and summarized point of view the REFLEX may be described, as follows:

"ANALYSIS (by the Organism) + SYNTHESIS (by the Organism) = (Its) REFLEX"

     Accepting this "FORMULA" as a so far riained unexplained scientifically "ideal" of the mostly aggregated knowledge about the principles of building Memory, we may draw to a position that the Organism Memory in its "pure" sense is a storage of experienced (both by Its ancestors and by Itself) REFLEXES and the other its components are nothing another than a "factory" producing THi!
     To specify individually the processes of "pure Analysis" or "pure Synthesis" for an individual integrated Organism is too difficult since they act in different manner but taken totally compose a unified complex of complete mutual dependence. The question of rationalized application of the evolutionary-formed sequences where analyzing or synthesizing activities PREVAIL is too spacious and is subject to separate consideration. Meanwhile we shall agree that the processes of effects production generated from less organized Memory type to the Type with higher degree of its organization will take the value of INTERNAL SYNTHESIS and the "feedback" effects will be regarded as INTERNAL ANALYSIS.
     Under such circumstances we shall receive FIFTEEN REFLECTORY KINDS OF INTERTYPE ACTIVITIES for the SIX-TYPE ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE of Human Memory. (See Fig. 2)

1). Reflexes kind acting between the  MOTORIC  and  SENSORY Memory types is described by analysing and synthesizing link between "Movients" and "emotions" ierging in the Organism. What we do when we feel heat? We immediately jerk our hand away and only after it examine it and start to find out why and how it had occurred. Without Movients it is impossible to feel what generates pain and what produces enjoyment. Certainly, the example is weak, but the situation is the same with "higher" Feelings: "one Acts as Feels, if frank in deeds". 

2). Interactions in   IMAGINARY  and  MOTORIC  Memory types prove persuasively the examples with immediate movients to avoid an object flying towards us or dionstrative simulation of certain movients.

3). Next group defines link existing between  "IMAGES"  and  "FEELINGS" . Here it will be enough to riind a certain beautiful landscape which produces a rage of emotions which are the founders of an iotional Memory type. "Feeling" is also able to generate "Images" associated with the process of storing into Memory, which may be confirmed with nightmares or voluptuous dreams. (See Fig. 2)

4). Interactions between  "LOGICS"  and  "MOTORICS"  are displayed everywhere. For example, Human hands are the perfect manipulators from the mechanical point of view. Without their consistent actions it is impossible to master any skills of sovereign work and communication.

5). Reflectoric link between  "LOGICS"  and  "FEELINGS"  generates conditions for automatized adaptation to seasonal weather caprices and even to routine standards of social life. More and more we rely upon "voice of Logic" rather than "voice of Feelings". As a matter of fact this provision is exposed to the influences of prevailing "Logical" or "iotional" conditions of existence and bringing up for Human beings, respectively.

6). Combinations of the  LOGICAL  and the  IMAGINARY  Memory characteristics are noticeable in the processes of strictly consistent chains construction with "picturesque patterns" of natural events and their back feed effect displayed when they are dionstrated by means of "cinia" or "animation" principles, e.g. the rotation of Earth around the Sun is accompanied by strictly continuous sequence of changes in daily period of lighting within a certain landscape.  (See Fig. 2)

7). The communications between the  AIM  and  MOTORIC  Memory types reflect the formation and application of movient combinations in their most efficient expression of probable alternatives in achieving desired results. From the early times there is a circus performance where the artist with his eyes tied shoots better than any one of us taking good aim. We can justify ourselves that he takes a good look, miorizes and contently trains his skills, plus talent, of course. But we are to riiber that the Aimed type of organization is a Memory for optimal structures, resulting in our example to the exact movient of armed hand.

8). Combinations of the areas handling the  AIM  and  SENSUAL  Memory organization provide for our iotional status at the exiting moments of severe passions. For instance, when a fellow starts to his first date to his beloved girl, he will for sure feel worried and has no power to curb his excitients (though only God knows how he wished to do!)

9). Interactions between the  "AIMS"  and the  "IMAGES"  define "a scrupulous scrutinizing" both in direct and metaphorical senses of this word combination. That is, the oriented contiplation (noticing and accepting) of the genuinity of knowledge about the external and internal nature of interested objects requiring no provients, e.g. the prophetical dreams of prominent scientists.  (See Fig. 2)

10). Links between the  AIMED  and the  LOGICAL  Memory types generate processes of orientated activities, since any strict sequences of frequently met events lead to placing aims to achieve an optimal way of their application, which is a prerequisite for the forthcoming LOGICS of implientation.

11). "Martial Skills" of  MOTORICS  and  MANAGMENT  do not require any further explanations - it is an art to control individual body.

12). "Artistic plastics" of  FEELINGS  and  MOTIVATIONS  is distinguished with operational flexibility of iotional compatibilities in application of mastered links which accompany to both internal and external self-expression of the experienced Events. The most brilliant example is mastering a popular system of "auto training". (See Fig. 2)

13). "Picturesque design" of  the IMAGES  and  MOTIVATIONS  is distinguished with its principal b link between the illustrious imaginary properties of links in Eventual Phenomena. In other words, it is "game" where one plays "cinia", where the personages of the "will scenario" may be any, sometimes most impossible, Itis, Objects and Models of both known and studied processes.

14). "Pragmatic soberdom" of  the LOGICS  and  ADMINISTRATIONS  is defined by a tactical sequence of adjusted relations between informatively experienced Events. The former activities of economy planning bodies and managient of nowadays can be brought as an example.

15). "Creative Craftsmanship" of the  AIMS  and  MANAGING MOTIVATIONS  is expressed in strategical determination of conditions associated with application of optimal processed and mastered data of eventual links of the Human Being with any Natural Objects. For example, the thinking person constantly feels the presence of a certain desires, not even suspecting that it is generated due to THIS PARTICULAR kind of reflectory activities, the extent of development of which is the major characteristic of individual "Talents". (See Fig. 2)

16).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  MOTORICAL  kind - where an individual is spontaneously encouraged to physical movements, that is where sports become a part of human principles of life.

17).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  SENSUAL  kind. Here the rhythm-feeling of Events in surrounding becomes a style of life, which is accompanied, as a consequence with accepting one's Fate as it comes, striking both sybarites and acquits

18).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  IMAGINARY  kind; where the visually aggregated thoughts about thee paths of Life and Death take shapes of uncurable fantasies of talented film-makers or virtually-built "worlds" of crazy computermen.

19).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  LOGICAL  kind. Here an individual is taken by reflectory whirlpools of mysticism and occultism, or, in other words, "divine" systems of theoretical aggregation of Natural reincarnations.

20).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  AIMED  kind. These are the individualistic sectant strivings of people to destruction of salving the Humanity and Nature which is persuasively confirmed by frequently aggressive actions of fanaticism of various versions.

21).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  MANAGING  kind. It flights over the power-loving world of Systematized self-confidence. In ather words, this is the personaly dominating Strategies for managing of accompanying Events of Life. (See Fig. 2), (See Fig.3)

     If you wish to rationalize each of the reflectory Memory KINDS you should return back to formulating Its "refectory Types", between "Which" THEY establish interactions.

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1.1.5  MEMORY GENERAE or ITS Evolution Stages

     From the enlisted number of refectory Kinds of Human Memory FIVE GENERA may be specified on the basis of their evolutionary origins. It fully comprises both the processes of "phylogenetical" development of Organisms and to "ontogenetical" stabilization of any of them. REFLECTORY KINDS OF HUMAN LIFE  we so far classify into GENETICAL,   UNCONDITIONAL,  CONDITIONAL,  SOCIAL,  PERSONAL and CONFESSIONARY GENERA!

1.  GENETICAL GENDER  - represents an aggregation of organically realized links of Sensory and Motorical kind reflexes in which are compulsory fixed in inheritable genetical code of Organisms being in charge of the feasibility of reproduced offspring.   (See Fig. 2)

     Any Object in the Living Nature has Genetical Gender reflexes presented in all the available Types of multi-degree organizational structure Its Memory. Such a presence is realized by means of internal links between evolutionarily formed "representing units" of ESSENTIAL TYPES of Memory within "ONE" of THEM. Meanwhile the modus operandi of these representing units preserves ITS unique degree of organization. Due to this the GENETICAL Gender of the reflexes is represented in all of the "TiPORAL DEPTHS" of Human Memory (and other Organisms, too). These are the CIRCUMSTANCES which provide real process of reproduction for Organisms with similar shape and behaviour.

2.  UNCONDITIONAL GENDER  - defines the amount of organically mastered reflexes which are established by means of inter-types bilateral links between  Imaginary degree of organization of data processed by the Organism with Sensory and Motoric types of Its Memory. (See Fig. 2)

     These reflexes develop with Human organism at the medium stage of pregnancy. You can reasonably protest, stating that "The baby yet has no working eyes there". Fine. Don't forget that the genetical predisposition to the Imaginary types of various data processing laid as a cornerstone by the parental organisms is already capable to realize its predestination.

3.  CONDITIONAL GENDER  - defines the aggregation of organically mastered reflexes which are formed as a link between Logical Memory Type  with  less organized types areas. Operation of THIS Gender displays itself in the Organism mastering logically consistent activities of Imaginary, Sensory and Motoric characteristic components of Its Memory. (See Fig. 2)

     Human reflexes of this kind begin to act already at the last stages of foetus maturing, where it begins to clime for its titles to the place under Sun. They develop most actively within the range between the first impact "of the new subjectivity" with the outer world till "maturity age" and provide for the "habits" formation.  To compare the essence of the above statient with common views we shall bring here the classical definitions of the used terms.  "Unconditional reflexes - provide support for the life activities in relatively constant environmental conditions and are the property of the human organism since its very appearance.  Conditional reflexes - are elaborated on the unconditional basis under the impact of external disturbances. The same principle of sensual construction of the definitions is applied by us, too, however its contents are deepened and the classification of reflectorial subdivisions is more detailed.

4.  SOCIAL GENDER  - defines the aggregation of socially mastered reflexes which are formed by means of  Aimed type of Memory with the areas of Logical, Imaginary, Sensory and Motoric degrees  of Its organization. This gender of refectory actions is based on the results of "group" life activities of Organisms united under Natural conditions of existence. (See Fig. 2)

     Reflectory activities of Memory within this gender is awakened at the moment of appearance under Sun, since the very moment when the child recognizes its mother and then the objects within closest vicinity and the relatives. Further the multi-images of communications defining the directions and speed of upgrading social reflexes develop the mastering of most optimal schies of reaching aims among the informativity of experienced events which are incalculable.

5.  PERSONALIZED GENDER  - represents the summary of individually mastered reflexes, which are formed by means of interactions between the   Managient type of Memory of a particular individual with the areas of previously defined characters of its "Gradual" organization. (See Fig. 2)

     THIS gender of reflectory activities in the Organism bases upon the results of subjective actions of Its individuality which forms during the cognition of various natural phenomena both in the habitation environment and in tutorial environment.

6.  CONFESSIONARY GENDER  - represents the summary of intuitively mastered reflexes, which are formed by means of interactions between the   Worldoutlooking type of Memory of a concrete intelligence with all above-listed Types of Its organization. The aspiration of Organism to correspond with Human's value Standarts, wich were determaned by our Civilization during different epoches of Own existence, is the main basis for ITS creation. (See Fig. 2)

     THIS gender of reflectory activities in the Organism defines during the mastering of religiously or scientifically propagandizing doctrines obout the Universe of Nature, by understanding the origin and genesis of Vivid Live on the Our planet.

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1.1.6  MEMORY CLASSES or Stages of Displaying ITS Rationality

     All the representatives of Flora and Fauna possessed and still possess at least two Memory Types: Sensory and Motorical. Here One of This plays the KEY(MAIN) ("directive") part, and the Other - LEADING (taking peak congestion in respect of external links). In view of such a situation the necessity in new expanded perception for the term "Conscience" arises. Taking into consideration historical evolution of its sense It is understood by us as the Thoughts and Activities determined by Knowledge, i.e. as a usage of any known Information by an Organism. Thus, sensual area of application of this Term expands, being related not only to the processes of tuition and communication, but to the Memory of all the Organisms which actually represent the gradual Evolution of Living. By means of the CONDITIONALITIES within such an approach summarized definitions for Conscious, SubConscious and OverConscious activities of any nature may be formulated.

C O N S C I E N C E  unites all the KINDS of refectory interactions of an Organism WHICH come in touch with the LEADING MEMORY TYPE and ITS representations within the rest of CHARACTERS of Its organization.
S U B C O N S C I E N C E  are all the KINDS of reflectory interactions, WHICH don't come in touch with the MAIN and the LEADING MEMORY TYPES within an Organism, and THEIR "representations" in the rest  TYPES.
O V E R C O N S C I E N C E  are all the KINDS of reflectory interactions, WHICH come in touch with the MAIN "CHARACTER" of Memory organization  and "ITS" "representations", excluding all the links with  Its LEADING TYPE and the LATTER's "representations" within the OTHERS.
(See Fig. 2)

     During the current historical development of Our Civilization, the Human  C O N S C I E N C E  bases mainly on the work of the Aimed Memory Type. It plays a LEADING ACT in the interactions between the Organism and Environment by means of Social kind of reflexes. The MAIN ROLE in Human life organizing at nowdays lies within the reflexes of Managient kind, which characterize their allegedly "perfect" Ideas and Actions by means of Personal Kind of reflexes. Despite of this social realities indicate that dominating majority of people are working in applying the ten-odd stock of their "MULTIPLICITY" which is the one which provides for development of individual unique abilities of a Human Being!
     Reflectory work of Genetic, Unconditional and Conditional Kinds provides for Human  S U B C O N S C I O U S  Activities, and only that of Managing-Imaginary and the same orientation of Sensory and Motoric kinds of Memory provides for Super Conscious Activity.
     Only the real religio-spiritual or natural-talented Peaple are able to use the Managing Memory type as LEADING, wich is under the command of Its Worldoutlooking type, that plays the MAIN ACTING . The results of Thire  O V E R C O N S C I O U S's  and  S U B C O N S C I O U S's  activity amaze the vast majority of others. All these marwells are possible thanks that level of thire  C O N S C I E N C E  only. (See Fig. 2)

In the highest scale TWO CLASSES of REFLEXES define Thoughts and Activities of an Organism:
 "C O N S C I O U S  and  "U N C O N S C I O U S".

     Under the principle of evolutionary "reinforcient" of the New Reflexes kind by the reflectory "formations" of more ancient kinds and taking into account all the "hierarchy" of Living Memory, we state, that the  C O N S C I O U S  and  U N C O N S C I O U S  ideas and actions are represented in all the Types and at all the "Depths"  of reflectory ability in any Organism. THEY differ only in various degree of Awareness (data introduction into the sphere of Conscience) and Unawareness (condition of unnoticeability for Conscious attention, effect of complete or partial "Uncertainty").  T H E S E  P R O P E R T I E S  apply both to data Consumption and Production processes as well, as to the processes of data Preservation. It must be particularly iphasized that both  C O N S C I O U S  and  U N C O N S C I O U S  ideas and actions may be Deliberate. The same applies to the Unaware life of an Organism. Meanwhile everything depends on orientation and concentration of "Individual" attention which can be respectively trained.
     To realize more completely human creative capabilities quality leap must be made which is expressed in CONSCIOUS mastering and development of a NEW, Memory TYPE.

8.  The type of   COSMIC character  is a category of the Organism Memory applied to the Entropical Systems of Info-energetic links between Human Life and Space Phenomena; brightly featuring the ability of outcoming the results of Human consciousness beyond the forces of planetary gravitation.  (See Fig. 3)

     The expansion of the scope of influence of this type of Memory is determined with formation and development of   NOOSPHERICAL REFLEXE GENDER 


      COSMIC TYPE  of Memory does not limit the modern type of human awareness of possible development of the Civilizations.

9. The reasonable limit of comprehension of the accessible to us perfection of the Other Worlds is the next stage of Memory Evolution. We shall call it the UNIVERSE TYPE - which represents the memory of Living Organism comparing the Dynamics of formation and development of the Cosmic Systems of Galactic Nature reflections; essentially inherent is the ability to communicate with Civilization of other origins.

This TYPE of Memory will be determined with ABSOLUTE REFLEXES GENDER forming, i.e. adequately true reflection of Dynamics of Global Laws of Universal Scale in Natural Evolution!

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Figure 3.

 The described  "SHADES" of Human Life define the most magnificent ability of a Human being:
the ABILITY of  Its MIND to COGNISE the WORLD using diferent Types of Human Memory! 

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The Creative MENTALITY (SUPERCONSCIENCE) mostly applies the Genuine Principles of Natural Events,
and the Common CONSCIENCE - the Principles of Historical Events, Selected by Our Civilization!


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