Principal Vivid Mind Model

 P R I N C I P I C   Russian Version
"Knowledge of some Principals easily recovers the lack of some Facts data" ( Claude Adrien Helvétius )


" This work is that missing source of the initial knowledge, which contributes to the organization of the basic Philosophical CONCEPTS, structures and functions of ITS intelligent application.  It  gives a real opportunity to review wisely the Human organism and the processes of Its thinking. This work also may help to speed up any creative activity, which is directed both to the achievement of the scientific Knowledge, and to the progressive improvement of the social validity".

"Without Reason of Alive, the Universe would be Stone dead!"

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Figure 4.

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1.2.1  CONSCIENCE  or the Cosmic Nature of Mind

     Processes of CONSCIENCE are present at all the Memory Levels: (Long-Term, Short-Term, Operative and Sensory). Apart from this, various Kinds of ITS reflexes are present in the Memory Types available within a particular Object. It provides for interlinking of the data accumulated in Them . (See Fig.4)

     Reflectory systems of CONSCIENCE are always determined by the LEADING Memory type, which, in ITS turn, depends on the degree of Its developed interaction with the Environment features. For example, plants (or even a living cell) possesses only two Memory Types: with the Motoric being the LEADING one , and with the Sensory as the MAIN. Therefore the CONSCIENCE here will be described by only Motoric-Sensory kind of reflexes of Genetical kind. With lower animals, CONSCIENCE is already defined by Sensory-Imaginary and Sensory-Motorical reflexes kinds with the Sensory Memory type becoming the LEADING, and Imaginary - the MAIN one. There is no necessity to describe further stages of CONSCIENCE evolution, since the principle of Its formation is quite understandable. So, we shall step directly to the possible versions of Human CONSCIENCE.
     Development of humans is extremely unbalanced. There are tribes leading ancient style of life, there are slave-owning formations, there are feudalistically-mafious communities, trading capitalistic companies, scientific and cultural societies, religious-spiritual fraternities, etc. Nevertheless, all of them consist of people, who are able to operate THREE only fundamental SYSTEMS of their CONSCIENCE. 

     1. Vast majority of population of our planet do use the Aimed Memory Type as the LEADING one. As a consequence, their CONSCIENCE is defined with Aimed-Logical, Aimed-Imaginary, Aimed-Sensory and Aimed-Motoric kinds of reflexes of Social Gender and Aimed-Managing reflexes of Individualistic gender. The Latter reflex kind describes the link between CONSCIOUSLY implemented processes with the MAIN Memory Type of these people.
     The specific feature of Human ideas and actions of this formation lies in their strict subordination to certain Aims. All the movements, emotions, imaginary comparisons, logical constructions and attempts to deal with all these matters have an obvious orientation towards achievement of an individually imposed Aimdirection. The vice of such a SYSTEM often allows maniacal states of human striving in implementing individual desires.

     2. The SECOND SYSTEM of human CONSCIENCE has a Managing Memory Type as a LEADING one and the World-Outlooking as a MAIN. Here we can trace all the kinds of reflexes of Personal (Individualistic) gender and one kind of Confessionary (Managing-World-Outlooking) kind. (See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)
     The specific feature of such a CONSCIENCE is represented by processes of Managing the consumed and produced information of the experienced Events. Multivariations in combining various aims, sequences, images, feelings and movements are only subordinated to a single principle - creating a controllable set of systematized interactions united under a single world outlookingly pursued idea. It leads to increase in individual self-conscience but, unfortunately, contributes into conflicts emergence growing of a favourable religious and scientific "soil".

     3. There is yet more powerful, the THIRD VERSION of CONSCIENCE which is mastered by genuinely religious and / or creative personalities. The main feature characterizing their activity are the problems of perception on a World-Outlooking level of Natural essence of Macro and micro worlds. Here the Cosmic Memory character becomes DOMINATING KEY with the World-Outlooking as the LEADING one. Eight-odds composed stock of reflexes is such a CONSCIENCE is defined by World-Outlooking-Cosmic kind of Absolute Gende and with a full stock of Confessionary Gender. Such high flight of Human mind poorly correlates with already described CONSCIENCE SYSTEMS and with more earlier stages of ITS organization. For example, if Imaginary Memory Type is a LEADING among a certain group of people with Logical as the MAIN, they cannot advance beyond strictly consistent thoughts and actions. It is an idealized description of "zombies".

     Evolution of CONSCIENCE occurs in compliance with the described versions of ITS obvious displays. IT will strive towards a wider aggregation of informational and energetical interactions of people with steadily increasing Entropy of the Environment of Human habitation. In other words, IT will strive towards mastering the scientifically grounded Principles of life activity of the Nature.

     Throughout long periods of development of the Living not only new Memory Types are established, but new Levels of memorizing, too. They are defined by the scopes of mastering external Environment, i.e. the Memory begins to expand beyond the organisms which possess it. The duration of data preservation here drastically reduces due too quick decay of the Reflexes which formed "outside" (here Their biological forms of preservation are meant). However, Their quality variety and quantity drastically increases. For various organization SYSTEMS of CONSCIENCE the number of "temporal depths" is different. For seven-odd types construing the classification of Human Memory subdivisions six Levels of memorizing are determined, four of which are internal (long-term, short-term, operative and sensory) and two external ( "astral-like" and "mental-like", but here the matter is different from that as occultism interprets). Internal CONSCIENCE may be explained with attention concentration to Human thinking to find solutions for various matters relevant to individual life, and the external with rational actions and results they bring in the habitation Environment.
     Having got some idea about the areas of human CONSCIOUS activities we shall return to the Temporal evaluation of reflexes preservation. Actually the commonly accepted time running at our clock and wrist-watch is a rather conditional category. Living organism applies its own chronometers which are defined by permanent and periodical factors of cosmic Nature of habitation spheres. Both scientists and non-scientists are interested in the productivity of CONSCIENCE work at different Levels and under different SYSTEMS of ITS activities organization. We shall therefore define briefly the summarized principles of Its development.

     The speed of CONSCIOUS Reflexes depends on the degree of organization within the LEADING Memory TYPE i.e. the more powerful is the summarizing capability of ITS operation, the higher is speed of THEIR formation. Hence, the units of periodical preservation of the newly-formed reflexes get enlarged and three temporal units of periodical consumption and production reduce.
     Thus, the speed of CONSCIOUS Reflexes formation depends heavily of the depths Levels of memorizing. Here we can observe the decrease in speed of its work as the data preservation time reduces from internal levels towards external. Hence, the further lies a certain Memory Level from the organism, the less are temporal units describing the periodical saving of the Reflexes.

     The same features (increase and decrease of specific units describing the preservation time) are inherent with multi-typed Memory organization, but in reversal order.  I.e. the higher is the degree of Memory organization, the smaller are the values of temporal units of periodical reflexes saving, the lower is the degree of its organization, the more are they.

The quantitative parities of high-speed estimations of the CONSCIENCE ACTIVITY are depending on the temporary readout of the different biological systems of Alive.

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1.2.2   SUBCONSCIENCE or Evolutionary "Automatism"

     "According to the described Memory model, SUBCONSCIENCE is being defined by the entire scope of Reflexes, which don't get in touch with the LEADING and the MAIN types. Hence the Memory types aggregated in SUBCONSCIENCE may be defined as those being DRIVEN by the LEADING ones."

     Natural path of evolution runs from less organized forms of Life to those higher organized. But only balanced systems of data and energy exchange provide survival to various samples of Flora and Fauna. Development of life from primitive organisms to more complicated is called "phylogenesis" and the development of an individual organism from its embryo to biological maturity is defined as its "Ontogenesis". The scientists succeeded to discover their mutual relation, i.e. the basic Ontogenesis stages repeat the evolutionary passed stages of Phylogenesis.
     Previously looking the "History" of memory formation in the primary cells and plants we defined two Types of its organization. They are linked by only one Kind of reflexes classified as the Genetic Gender. But the working conditions of such a system of the life correspond to our definition of CONSCIENCE, as both the LEADING and the MAIN memory Types are involved! Within the Three-typed organization of the primitive animals the SUBCONSCIOUS reflexes are absent, too. They only have a higher developed CONSCIENCE including two Kinds of reflexes plus one kind of SUPERCONSCIENCE reflex. Due to such an approach life activity of the majority representatives of Flora and Fauna can be interpreted in a new manner. It comes out, that their Organisms actually use the correspondent CONSCIENCE of the experience phylogenetically gained and accompanied with SUPERCONSCIENCE of ontogenetical experience. Hence there is no place for SUBCONSCIENCE here!  IT appears only at the fourth stage of general Memory Evolution. For instance, among fishes and primary amphibian ITS activities are defined by the reflexes falling into Genetic Gender.
     Basic task of this subsection is in defining the spheres of SUBCONSCIENCE activities under different ways of Human development which will be described below.

1.  For the six-type Memory system IT will include three Kinds of Conditional Gender Reflexes (Logical-Motoric, Logical-Sensory and Logical-Imaginary), two kinds of Unconditional Gender (Imaginary-Motoric, Imaginary-Sensory) and one(Sensory-Motorical) of Genetical Gender.

     From the position of the Ontogenesis the SUBCONSCIOUS REFLEXES in Organism develop gradually - from implementation of genetically defined parental heritage to the display of Unconditional trends in forming embryo with further complication of THEIR organization being in direct dependence of Conditions created by experienced Events.

2.   For the Memory System of Seven Types, to those enlisted above four more Kinds of reflexes of Social Gender are added (Aimed-Motorical, Aimed-Sensory, Aimed-Imaginary and Aimed-Logical) which means that a Person, CONSCIOUSLY absorbed in solving administrative problems begins, without extra thoughts, to achieve various aims related with the organization of life activity system of his own creation. (See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

     SUBCONSCIENCE is not armed with the World Ethics Principles, simply speaking, the Principles of Universal Mutual Relations.

3.  For the eight-type organization we shall have to add five more reflectory Kinds of Personality Gender (Managementary-motorical, Managementary-sensory, Managementary-Imaginary, Managementary-Logical, Managementary-Aimed ).

     At the first sight it is uneasy to describe the "automatisms" at such levels, since the common sense of majority takes them for pure CONSCIOUS ideas and actions of an individual. But here the matter concerns not common people or, it is possible to dare to state, about the SUBCONSCIENCE of forthcoming generations. The examples confirming such an activities within an organic system are to be searched in the marvellous abilities of Sacred representatives of any Religion or in the difficulty understandable activities of true Healers of body and soul. The major discomfort in SUBCONSCIOUS system at such a level lies in the necessity in closed style of life for these individuals. Such highly organized abilities of these "automatisms" often scare not only common people but even those who are at power!

     Generally the subject of   SUBCONSCIENCE is the most complicated about the Human life. ITS malfunctions generally lead to severe consequences not only for a particular Organisms but for their offsprings, too and the loss of either reflectory Kinds often leads to lethal outcome. Certainly, it depends a lot on what "depth" of memorizing these injures take place.

     SUBCONSCIENCE, as well as the CONSCIENCE ITSELF are present at all the memory Levels (Long-Term, Short-Term, Operative, Sensory and Pre-Sensory also).  The time of data preservation within THEM defines ITS adaptation to various organs within Human organism. The closer IT is to peripheral borders of the body, the less is observed power of THEIR actions but the dependence on the Environmental factors exposure increases drastically.

     As the organism represents an integrated system the differentiation in Its organs operations must be subject to unified rhythms. These Rhythms are described by a category of Time. The Time commonly used is only a periodical change in Earth position relatively to the Sun and surrounding stars.

All the Organisms have at the basis of Their formation SUBCONSCIOUS models of these regulations of rhythmic coexistence in Cosmic interactions. It is here the popularity of astrology hidden,
since the True in any garments (both scientific and not) always bewitches and lures people!

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1.2.3  OVERCONSCIENCE, or Evolutionary "Guess-work"

     THIS term was firstly applied by genial Russian writer Feodor M. Dostoevskiy. He used it to describe unusual displays of the "Divine Sparks" in the human soul. But we will be using english variant of ITS core sens: "SUPERCONSCIENCE"
     Described topics of CONSCIENCE and SUBCONSCIENCE enlighten various stages of THEIR development. The similar stages are inherent to the SUPERCONSCIENCE processes. But while the SUBCONSCIENCE falls often into the sphere of interests on Medical Science and the processes of mass CONSCIENCE are mostly treated by sociologists and politicians, the SUPERCONSCIENCE to some extent is attractive for everybody, as the displays of ITS reflectory activities are so impressive for Human imagination, that some witnesses begin to believe sincerely both in Divine Acts and Infernal Acts, too.
     As we spoke previously, the SUPERCONSCIENCE processes are the Kinds of reflexes which are determined by the MAIN Memory type, but don't fall in touch with Its LEADING type. Thus ITS work begins to display itself obviously at the three-typed organization of the Living. Consequently, the "pseudoparanormal" phenomena are typical for animals possessing, at least, the Imaginary memory Type. Here only Imaginary-Motoric Kind of reflexes falls within the scope of SUPERCONSCIENCE. It is this situation which explains the abnormal speed of reaction typical for fish, insects, snakes and those similar to them and other "abnormal" phenomena of ancient beasts. Further natural evolution extends the list of SUPERCONSCIOUS reflexes to two Kinds (Logical-Motoric and Logical-Sensory). Next stage of development represents the three Kinds stock of their application (Aimed-Motoric, Aimed-Sensory> and Aimed-Imaginary). SUPERCONSCIENCE of this level is typical for highly developed animals and birds which are distinctly advanced not only by the abnormal stamina, unique sense of hearing and smelling, but with striking precision of orientation to the territories of migrating habitation. Here we are coming up to the four-odd Kinds of SUPERCONSCIOUS thinking and acting of Human nature.

As we had done previously we shall examine here

     1. The striking stamina of the prehistoric people, living under the conditions of primary communities was distinguished in the unprecedent aimed orientation in struggle of respective tribes for survival. Only due to forming the Managementary-Motoric Kind of reflexes (e.g. the exact targeting of primitive hunting weapons); Managementary-Sensory (overcoming the fears in front of natural disasters and fierce beasts); Managementary-Imaginary (rock-writing and other means reflecting the scenes of life) and Managementary-Logical (household organization and creation of the primary appliances of labour) contributed to the advance towards the next stage of development. For the vast majority of the modern terrain population these four Kinds of reflexes do still construe the basis, though with more progressive appliance:

11). The First  is displayed in the prominent marks achieved in sports and physical phenomena of "Yoga" and "Tai-chi Chuang" styles. "Martial Skills" of  MOTORICS  and  MANAGMENT  do not require any further explanations - it is an art to control individual body.

12). The Second is defined with unique abilities of the brilliant musicians and practical activities of genuine extrasensorical people."Artistic plastics" of  FEELINGS  and  MOTIVATIONS  is distinguished with operational flexibility of iotional compatibilities in application of mastered links which accompany to both internal and external self-expression of the experienced Events. The most brilliant example is mastering a popular system of "auto training".

13). The Third  –  is displayed in the greatest masterpieces created by gifted artists and in impressive images of fantastic dreams. "Picturesque design" of  the IMAGES  and  MOTIVATIONS  is distinguished with its principal b link between the illustrious imaginary properties of links in Eventual Phenomena. In other words, it is "game" where one plays "cinia", where the personages of the "will scenario" may be any, sometimes most impossible, Itis, Objects and Models of both known and studied processes.

14). The Fourth -  displays itself in the creative inspirations of the greatest scientists like the Newton's apple and in "unexplainable" prophecies of the forthcoming events."Pragmatic soberdom" of  the LOGICS  and  ADMINISTRATIONS  is defined by a tactical sequence of adjusted relations between informatively experienced Events. The former activities of economy planning bodies and managient of nowadays can be brought as an example.

     2. The next SUPERCONSCIOUS system is characterized with five-odd kinds of rationalized guesswork:

16).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  MOTORICAL  kind - where an individual is spontaneously encouraged to physical movements, that is where sports become a part of human principles of life.

17).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  SENSUAL  kind. Here the rhythm-feeling of Events in surrounding becomes a style of life, which is accompanied, as a consequence with accepting one's Fate as it comes, striking both sybarites and acquits

18).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  IMAGINARY  kind; where the visually aggregated thoughts about thee paths of Life and Death take shapes of uncurable fantasies of talented film-makers or virtually-built "worlds" of crazy computermen.

19).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  LOGICAL  kind. Here an individual is taken by reflectory whirlpools of mysticism and occultism, or, in other words, "divine" systems of theoretical aggregation of Natural reincarnations.

20).  WORLD-OUTLOOKING  -  AIMED  kind. These are the individualistic sectant strivings of people to destruction of salving the Humanity and Nature which is persuasively confirmed by frequently aggressive actions of fanaticism of various versions.

(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)


PRINCIPAL HUMAN MEMORY MODEL Worldoutlooking Live of Organism
PRINCIPAL HUMAN MEMORY MODEL Aimdirecting Live of Organism

(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

     We have proposed mainly positive and rarely met characteristics of SUPERCONSCIENCE associated with this type. Generally, however, ITS reflexes are often taken for maniacal deviations on which mostly psychical disorders are advancing.

     3. The final of currently accessible to human perception SUPERCONSCIENCE systems consists of six reflectory Kinds which are defined by DOMINANT ROLE of Cosmic memory Type. It is possible to state that the activity of THESE reflexes from the point of view of their significance is only commensurable with the Divine activities. And since one of the most sacred understandings of the divine essence is the term of Time, and the Time is a measure of Rhythmical changes in cosmic space. So we can only guess about the perfection of ITS vivid displays.

     If the Techniques does not accept tolerantly the negligent handling it goes without saying in regard of the Nature. Nobody, or almost nobody finds himself able to master the powerful forces of Cosmic nature. The activities, approaching to such a level are traceable only among the sacred hermits and prophets of world-scale religions. The "modest confessors" practically miss these features. They have only modest guesses about the existence of such and very modest results of space flights with their advanced technologies. We still don't know how to describe the actions of Each of the six Kinds (Noospherical Gender of reflexes)/. Finally, so far it is the deadline!

     With perception operation of THESE reflexes is untraceable, since the scope of THEIR influence extends far beyond the Organism. And the Organism is already SUBCONSCIOUSLY adapted to withstand the power of these forces in the Biosphere of our planet, but will not be able to survive beyond it without a spacesuit. Therefore the mastering of the outer space is the matter of the next generation of Earthmen.
     With the reproduction, on the contrary, THESE reflexes correspond with the internal (subconscious) regulations simulation for development of Human Organism. Briefly, these Kinds of reflexes will be formed with Cosmic Expansion of Humanity to settle other planets, i.e. depending on the Human activities in interstellar space. The poor values of preservation time for these Effects is subjected to the "Eternity" of Their existence.

     The described SUPERCONSCIENCE SYSTEMS are given in the evolutionary sequence of their development and define the Past, the Present and the Future of the Humanity. The author does not intend to dig deeply into the details of THEIR obvious display on various "depths" of Memory, because he does not know much about it himself and, as the occultists say, it does not worthy to handle the matters to which one is not ready either materially, or physically.

Generally, the public even in the most developed countries in the world are still unable to master the regulations of such powerful Human capabilities. One must gain some patience and wait for the time when their mass rationalization is required. Meanwhile we have a task to understand the elementary principles promoted in Bible, Alcoran, Bhagavat-Hyta and  the Cultural values of other serious world religions.

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1.2.4   CULTURE, or Self-preservation Brought to the Levels of Perfection

     " CULTURE (from Latin – cultivation, bringing-up, education, development, honoring) - historically determined stage of social development, creative powers and abilities of the Human Beings, displayed in the types and forms of life style and activities and in accompanied and associated creation of material and spiritual values."

     This definition matches the summarizing style adopted in our researches. However, the Latin interpretation of this word mainly characterizes the processes of "cultivation" and "honouring", "bringing-up" and "education". It is this understanding of the CULTURE gives us full right to put this category into the list of fundamental problems of Humanity.
     It goes without saying that the material and spiritual masterpieces of Human CULTURE allow to judge about the development levels of various countries and nations while it is still unknown what occurs with it now and what are the prospects for the nearest future. Cultural values of the past are saved in museums and private collections and are widely used for bringing up of both general erudition and a sense of artistic taste. But the classic samples of human creative activities have not previous precedents or standardised schemes. It means that they represent the products of SUPERCONSCIOUS activities of their authors. Let us take music as an example. Modern "hits" of various styles and orientations, certainly are thee results of creative "inspirations". Due to them only a lot of well made works are produced which become the "classics" while the other are forgotten as clumsily simulated.
     Principles of development and formation in tribal and then national culture is obvious. The only ever present "but" is in the fact that national and territorial features are not making essential impact on international values of the Terrain population. To the top of such achievements of Human CULTURE one can place the World-Outlooking systems of understanding Cosmic regulations of Evolution processes. They are the mystical theories of Ancient Egypt and Greece, India and China, Scandinavian and Mesopotamian Nations and the Natives of America Continent. Understanding of Life from the position of their provisions gains more and more popularity among the contemporaries. Studying of ancient solutions of universal interlinking allows to see new facets of multiple mysteries which are common in their importance. The international essence of the Principles explained by them is commonly admitted world-wide!
     Classical understanding of the "CULTURE" attracts and, finally, embarrasses the interested Human, who being enriched by ITS knowledge is driven to adopt a certain of all the wise systems of "Comprehension". Our objective is to encourage the Reader to evaluate the historical art of intellectual self-preservation from the newer heights proposed by summarizing the Cultural values of the Civilization. We shall try to approach this objective from the position of thee Memory model under examination.
     On the basis of definitions of CONSCIENCE, SUBCONSCIENCE and SUPERCONSCIENCE we saw to a concussion that only the LATTER of them is able to impress and intuitively solve the actual Human problems in global sense. So, the entire known and unknown History of the CULTURE was created by people with advanced SUPERCONSCIENCE. Hence, they possessed the ability to percept it and to introduce into their routine life style.

     As we already got used, we shall examine THREE   SUPERCONSCIOUS  SYSTEMS  of Human  CULTURE

1. Creative achievements within the FIRST are determined by the  Management typeof Memory , i.e. ITS products are different in the  Principal charachter  of THEIR proposed aggregations.
2. CULTURE of the SECOND SYSTEM is described with the  World-Outlooking type  of labor organization and ITS particular feature is characterized with the  Regulatory rationalization  of ITS creations.
3. For the THIRD SYSTEM a  Cosmic organization of Memory  becomes essential, which is expressed in  Systematic universality  of ITS theories about World perception.

     1. The distinct feature of the FIRST SYSTEM of the CULTURE is represented by the restrictions of the  Management Type . We shall start from the fact that all the available memory Types are represented in Each particular memory Type. Hence, the  Management  problems always accompanied, accompany and will accompany humanity throughout its life. Studying the CULTURE samples of primary tribes the contemporaries are surprised by the simplicity of their lifestyle depicted on the rocks and the primitively of their weapons and tools. As a matter of fact, the actual problems of ancient tribes never extended beyond their physical existence. Experience of struggle for survival was displayed in the form of symbols. Thus, the process of Tuition (management of life organization) has been being formed and it helped the seeds of modern Humanity to survive. The History proceeded its way and, throughout the hundreds millennia, or even more, the accumulating layers of solved and unsolved problems of self-preservation provided for our existence and left us as a heritage great cultural achievements of all times and peoples.

     2. The areas where CULTURE displays are so multiple and various that it is impossible to handle all of them in details and the aim we pursue is a little different. Therefore we shall approach to the displays of the SECOND SYSTEM of intellectual self-preservation turning as an example to the intuitive solution of the Civilization objectives in building a  World-Outlook pattern . We shall apply here the Seven-odd Types memory organization:

1). Within the Short-term depthes of the  Motoric Type  six other Types are represented with reflectory links between Them. For the SUPERCONSCIENCE they are World-Outlooking - Sensory, World-Outlooking - Imaginary and World-Outlooking - Logical Kinds. Thus, by means of Their training mimes and dancers, stars of artistic gymnastics and "Tai-chi Chuang" mastered the  "Motorical Human Culture" .



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

2). The  Sensual memory Type  possesses six other available Subtypes represented within  It . Here the SUPERCONSCIENCE behaves ITSELF in another manner. Activities of World-Outlooking - Motorical, Imaginary and Logical Kinds are inherent to outstanding representatives of singing and music areas of Culture.



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

3). SUPERCONSCOUS reflexes of  Imaginary Type  are inherent to the outstanding masters of arts. Their activity is a consequence of internal reflectory activities of World-Outlooking - Motorical, World-Outlooking - Sensory and World-Outlooking - Logical reflex Kinds. These moments of "inspiration" with non-ordinary people produce unprecedent masterpieces of architecture, sculpture, painting, photography and design.



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

4). At the  Logical Degree  of SUPERCONSCIENCE organization the unique creations and inventions in technology occur.   The Short-Term "Depth" of  This Type  possesses  World-Outlooking - Motorical, World-Outlooking - Sensory and World-Outlooking - Imaginary Kinds of reflexes. As a few examples the inventions of the Wheel, Steam Engine, Lamp, Radio Communication and Computers may be reminded.



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

5). The next degree of  Aimed Type  are determined by  the Same Set off reflexes, as the previous one. Their work attributes for unrestricted structural capabilities of Human Nature. This activity may be described using the experience of "Guinness Book Records" and the striking skills of genuine extrasensoric people and true prophets. Shortly speaking, it is the world of impressive results in life of the people enchanted with aims pursue.



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

6). The sixth memory Type is the  Managementary . It is attributable with the final display of "Cultural"  SUPERCONSCIENCE.  It also possesses three reflectory Kinds at the short-term depth levels which are World-Outlooking - Motorical, World-Outlooking - Sensory, World-Outlooking - Imaginary. They are expressed in the principal universalization of their activities. As an example here the life and activity of the prominent historical personalities may be mentioned such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Napoleon I, Stalin, Hitler and many others.



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

     You have, of course noticed that all of the reflexes Kinds enlisted above are of the  Confessionary Gender . Therefore only "religious" people do possess the SUPERCONSCIOUS CULTURE.
     If the Humanity stops on this stage of evolutionary development the emergence of new and new dictators and usurpers will inevitable both at the national and world-wide arenas of the Terrain "circus". There were a lot of such attempts in the past, they occur sometimes today, but the Future will be unable to stand them. And with the power of modern military and industrious means of self-destruction our planet will be drawn to ecological total holocaust!



(See Fig. 4), (See Fig.6)

     3. The only one way out seems to form within Humanity  Cosmic Memory Type . By  Its means  the majority of problems of current SUPERCONSCIENCE can be studied, reviewed and introduced into the sphere of renewed CONSCIENCE. Thus, such life conditions will be created where people will commence to trust each other reasonably which is the rescuing CULTURE of the Future. Only then the  World-Outlooking memory Type  will become the LEADING> and the  Cosmic Type  will become the MAIN one.

It will broadly expand the list of reflectory Kinds on Which
new CULTURE of Universal systems of Cosmic rationalization for the life principles will grow !

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1.2.5   ECONOMICS or the Skill of Self-Provision

     "ECONOMY (Greek meaning - art of house-keeping) - 1) integrity of relations arising while production of a certain socio-economic formation; 2) national economy of a particular country or its part, including relevant branches of industry".

     "True, unpredictable the God's ways are!" After the Soviet Empire dead the World ECONOMY stepped on the path of global integration of ITS branches. The necessity of this step is obvious, since without planned arrangements in production it is impossible to avoid crisis in distribution. This is one of the major problems with modern developed countries. The ideology of Communism, though being the severe brake for scientific and technical advance, did take a correct path of governmental planning in economy. Its inefficiency was only in insufficient erudition and ideological emphasize with the people at power helm.
     Examples of the amended drawbacks of extra-politicisation of ECONOMIC processes are the success achieved in People Republic of China, which succeeded within closest terms to advance from starving densely populated country to the top among world leading industrial countries. Certainly, it is unlikely for them to reach the highly technological levels of the USA or Japan, but the progress is visible and is based on Globalisation on the State level the branches requiring application of science and heavy industry. Having analysed briefly the recent life history of one third of Humanity we can define the primary Principles of Economic advance achievement.

     National Globalisation of technologically advanced production and Splitting the foodstuffs and light industry branches is mandatory to preserve the progress of any state.
     International Globalisation of data transfer links and scientific programs for space mastering is necessary to preserve the progress in the World scales. On the other side, National production schemes are to be transferred to small and medium businesses in ecologically pure foodstuffs, individual protection appliances and social comfort facilities.

     We shall try now to interpret all the above in the light of Principles regulating the reflectory Memory activities. We shall start from the admittance that ECONOMY is mainly based on Human SUBCONSCIOUS activities. The rationalized level of advance defines the life style of each individual.
     There are always the "Rich" and the "Poor" in the world which are classified both under the criteria of property dimensions and the amount of monetary equivalent of any labor. This provision is attributed to different characteristic in development of their SUBCONSCIENCE based upon the reflexes of Social, Conditional, Unconditional and Genetical Generae. Activities performed by the two Latter of the enlisted above define the biological capability of the Human organism and the extent of development of the Former pair provide for the level of Its ECONOMICAL life support provision. The three Latter provide for the physical shape, health status and habits of an Individual throughout the lifetime and the First of Them (the Social) - reflexes application of Aimed - Motoric, Aimed - Sensory, Aimed - Imaginary and Aimed - Logical Kinds. Here the limits of SUBCONSCIENCE development bump into "authomatized" implementation of processes of aim pursue. Therefore people, who terminated their development become enslaved by their desires and their irrationally used finances cause tragedies and disasters both in family aspects and at the social arena of useless existence.
     One can speak much about the cultural, national, individual and other peculiarities of different individuals, but when we approach the subject of individual art of home-keeping the reflectory roots here are the same. The higher Human SUBCONSCIENCE is organized and the more reflexes are accumulated within IT, the stronger is Its material well being. The sight on ECONOMY under such angle may cause the impression that the CONSCIENCE is not represented here. Certainly, it is not so. The subject is only in prevailing of certain activities. In other words, the CONSCIOUS processes of Human ECONOMIC activities are oriented towards stabilization of historically experienced values and their own life support.
     Since in our case the "pure" SUBCONSCIOUS processes cover at the "Long-Term Depth" of the Motoric, Sensory, Imaginary, Logicaland Aimed Types the pattern of memorizing drastically alters at the "Short-Term depth". Here all the Other Types are represented within Each of mentioned Types. At the "Short-Term level" of SUBCONSCIOUS memory Types the CONSCIOUS reflexes of "practical" mind run at full power. These reflexes are frequently taken for prominent sample of wisdom inherent to people with high well-being standards.

     We shall now proceed to the ECONOMIC activities of SUBCONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE subject to ITS organization Types.

1). We shall start from the Motorical Type CONSCIENCE of this scheme bases on the Management-Sensory, Management-Imaginary, Management-Logical, Management-Aimed and Management - World-Outlooking kinds of reflexes. Summarizing their activity processes one can state that it is a labour life of an Individual, i.e. practical realization of their physical and professional skills. (Look Fig.5.1)

2). Conscious activities of the Sensual Type operates the same Kinds of reflexes save the Management-Sensory replaced by Management - Motoric. Their operation can be described as a applicable experience gained during solving problem associated with their own life support. Shortly speaking, it is a CONSCIOUS experience in adaptation to the conditions created at historical stages of life. (Look Fig.5.2)

3). For the Imaginary Type of Human Memory, the CONSCIENCE is determined by means of activity of the Management - Motoric, Management - Sensory, Management - Logical, Management - Aimed and Management - World-Outlooking kinds of reflexes. The integrity of ITS activities facilitates to obvious expression of theoretical grounding for the category of "poor less existence" associated with the implementation of individual fantasies of well-being. (Look Fig.5.3)

4). Logical Type of the SUBCONSCIOUS activity possesses its own level of CONSCIENCE. Reflexes Kinds associated with It are the same as of Imaginary Type except the Management-Logical kind replaced again by the Management-Imaginary kind. These kinds of reflexes allow to create the hypothetical versions to improve the own life support, i.e. to probe rationally probable ways to develop one's well-being. (Look Fig.5.4)

5). At the Aimed Stage of economic problems solving all the kinds of CONSCIOUS memory reflexes are included into SUBCONSCIENCE, except the Management-Aimed. Inherent feature of "economic" ideas and activities within this Type is represented by actual orientation of an Individual to imposing global aims in one's life. On this stage the encouraging sample among the available specimen of historical power is being selected, such as chieftain, king, sheikh, president, etc. (Look Fig.5.5)

     In our explanation of the principal basis of ECONOMIC "wily moves" of each individual human being and the reasons of linking with other people we missed the fact of presence of SUPERCONSCIENCE reflexes within the Short-Term Memory depths. Their activities on this path determines the CULTURE of economical relations within the processes of labour activities of Humans. And the above mentioned kinds of SUBCONSCIOUS SUBCONSCIENCE (Genetical and Unconditional Generae) provide for health status of an individual.

     As in the previous subsection we shall study THREE SYSTEMS of ECONOMICAL SUBCONSCIENCE. The second has been already described. It is inherent to advanced nations of our modern history. Now we shall return to ECONOMY of the Past, but for the majority of peoples it is still their Present.

     1. For the first SUBCONSCIENCE System the "art of home-keeping" is determined by activities of the four Memory Types : Motorical, Sensory, Imaginary and Logical. Each of them possesses a correspondent CONSCIENCE at the Short-Term memorizing Level which, respectively, bases upon the four Kinds of described reflexes.  (See Fig.3)
     The inherent vice of such an ECONOMY is in insolvency of its "leaders" to handle the labour and material resources of the property being at their disposal. The wastage of both human and natural reserves of the habitation Environment leads to bankruptcy of population of rather rich countries. The ceilings of CONSCIENCE here don't exceed the intuitive guesswork of individual striving to personal aims. Therefore the principle of gaining a maximum life support for oneself and minimum for others becomes fundamental.

     3. The Third System of the ECONOMIC SUBCONSCIENCE is evolutionary predicted to the future generations (provided that the current will not pull themselves into coffin with their ignorance of ecological problems). Here we shall deal with the eight-type organization of the Living. Here the Cosmic Memory type comes to the starring positions of the MAIN and the World-Outlooking becomes the LEADING. Consequently, the "economic" SUBCONSCIENCE will include six DRIVEN types of its organization.
     Since the main load of various interactions with the surrounding world will be determined by the reflexes of the Confessionary Gender one can bravely state about the rapid solution for the problems of material life support for Terrain population. The ability to overcome economic problems of associated events will be determined by the knowledge of system regulations of Cosmic harmony.
     In principle, within narrow circles of businessmen a lot of difficulties are solved on the "merchant honour" basis, i.e. basing on pure trust to the partner. This circle will soon expand and the methods will gain a wide popularity.

Now with the crazy temps dictated by revolution in science and technologies and rapid increase of Entropy (disorder and heterogeneous) in international relations the World Economy requires a wide review of natural values for common people. Next we shall try to describe What Unites All of Us and is able to Save Our Souls !

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1.2.6   POLITICS, or the Art of Coexistence

     "POLITICS (from Greek – public relations or matters) – is the sphere of activities related to mutual relations between classes, nations and other social groups focused of the problems of gaining, keeping and applying governmental power, participation in public matters, determining forms, objectives and contents of its actions. (S.E.D. 1988)

     This definition of POLITICS is too aggressive for the modern existence of our fragile Civilization. Due to TV, via the reports on worldwide news and shocking pictures of documentary films we feel quite grounded fears for the destiny of our children without saying about further offsprings. Watching regularly translated "action films" taking places in parliaments sessions of various states, including highly-developed, one can guess that the burning passions of the parties in dispute even on the matters not bearing the essential significance are quite able to inspire the internal battles of "feuds" and "capitals". There no special desire to reminiscences of nationalistic moods in public opinions which may restore the horrors of fascism and racism. Such returns to historic scenarios with modern quantities of mass destruction weapons may well lead to rapid termination of both civilization and planetexistence.
     Regrettably, Humanity is throated to be wiped off not only by potential wars, but also due to ecological effects of irrational usage of natural resources. It creates a problem of gradual dying for various life forms. So, disregarding how the current events in the modern world are interpreted, the result is sad from any point of view. The only way out from this predestined doomed nightmare is in re-estimation of the life values inherent to the majority of population in the well developed countries with further expanding worldwide. In principle, these "Values" are already formulated and enjoy the deserved respect among the most advanced people of our Age. They possess the nominals of Human Ideals and are honoured by the majority of leaders in confessional, public and party-like formations. In the advanced states of the world the elementary basics of ecological culture are brought to the ranks of national and even foreign POLICY.

     So, "TO BE, OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION!". Multiple meaning of this postulate brings to the dead end many generations. Modern magnates possessing the monetary equivalent of human labours have already realized the efficiency of applying dating back into centuries cultural traditions of different nations. Applying even nationalistically idealized religions they are implementing into life of entire nations primitive values of their well-disguised desires. The mercantile-minded realization of pursued aims illustrates the individual primitivism of these economical crooks. But what an admirable manner of solution, which can bring even the intelligent people to respect them! Unfortunately, today the actions of this kind are mistaken for an art of POLITICAL moves and are accessible for multiple illusionists of business.
     Yes, the POLITICAL area is a limit of dreams for the lucky adepts of advertised values of a "money sack". But, remember, that the POLITICAL area of human activities is initially aimed to handle the problems of mass CONSCIENCE and is the art of peaceful coexistence of the Living.

     The main core of historical developments in POLITICS is the path of its perfection via national REALIZATION of distinct features of each nation to international recognition of general Human values.

     Well, here we bumped in the processes of POLITICAL CONSCIENCE (to which we were striving). THREE SYSTEMS of ITS organization depend on the extent of advance in summarizing abilities of human Memory. The more powerfully are the LEADING and the MAIN types in their perfection, the higher is the rationalized art of coexistence between the Nature and Humans. Let us try to describe the examples of POLITICAL activities of the CONSCIENCE.

     3. POLITICS of an individual with eight-Types organization will be defined by reflectory links of the World-Outlooking Type with the entire multiplicity of the others. For such a stage of development the Human CONSCIENCE System is described in operation of the seven reflectory Kinds. Let's try to details their implementation in the areas of current Life. (See Fig.3)

1).World-Outlooking - Sensual kind describes the area of Moral Values of an Individual, in other words, the observed POLICY in emotional taste.
2).World-Outlooking - Imaginary  kind  provides for Esthetical views of an Individual, i.e. for the artistic POLICY in beauties of his labour products.
3).World-Outlooking - Logical  kind   solves the problems of Scientific education of an Individual, i.e. allows him to judge about the POLICY of explaining the current events within surrounding Nature.
4).World-Outlooking - Aimed kind intakes the sphere of Economical interests of an Individual. Speaking in more details, the POLICY of home, civil and military aspects of an individual activity.
5).World-Outlooking - Management  kind masters the Systematized self-confidence encouraging pursue for power. Speaking more clearly, it may be formulated as a personal POLICY in solving problems of power organization.
6).World-Outlooking - Cosmic kind possesses the eternity of Religious explanations of Human nature. It is a Philosophical POLICY to approach the genuine reasons and regulations of natural evolution advances. (See Fig.3)

     On the Short-term level of data preservation each of the eight Memory Types has own sets of CONSCIOUS Reflexes. Actual display of their associated work is described in respective sections dedicated to the CULTURE and ECONOMY. The only so far missed aspect is the reflectory organization of work in the short-term depths of the World-Outlooking Type. Its internal kinds of reflexes provide for the SUBCONSCIENCE and SUPERCONSCIENCE processes existence. For the FORMER they are the reflexes of Personality, Social, Conditional, Unconditional and Genetical Generae, and for the LATTER they are the Noospherical (Absolute) Gender (Cosmic - Motorical, Cosmic - Sensory, Cosmic - Imaginary, Cosmic - Logical, Cosmic - Aimed and Cosmic - Management Kinds). Cognition of these reflexes will determine further destiny of Humanity.

     The late Peter Kapitsa (physician known worldwide) predicted the processes of development in production from the upgrading of the hand tools to its mechanization, then to autoimmunization with further cybernetization of the most of processes and, finally, to bionization of ecologically pure works of any character. If we want to survive, these predictions must be brought into reality.

     Without mastering knowledge of cosmic regulations of the development of the Living the modern Civilization is doomed to Involution since for the six- and seven-Types Memory Organization POLICY of Humanity is vulnerable for the self-destruction since the CONSCIOUS activities of such an organization conflict with the Natural processes in World-Creation.

     2. In the first case (seven Types) the CONSCIENCE is defined by total set of Personality Gender of Reflexes and one kind of Confessionary Gender . All of them bear the Management character of their ideas and actions. But the RATIONALIZED Management - World-Outlooking Kind of reflexes application provides for the individual dedication to a particular Religion of philosophical school. The defect in such system of CONSCIOUS life is in the rigid standing on a particular theory, individually - defined views up to aggressive attitude to those thinking otherwise and even towards people who take another life style.

     1. In the Latter case, (six Types) the CONSCIOUS activity takes an even more primitive POLICY of coexistence. Such a CONSCIENCE scheme is also characterized by an Aimed orientation in any conditions of associated events. The various quantity of reflectory activities decreases to the four kinds of Social Gender and one kind of Personal. Here the threat of self-destruction is in individual Avidity of humans who ignore any events occurring within their environment of habitation unless they match to their own opinions and views. Under such circumstances the CONSCIOUS activity of Aimed - Management Kind may create the problem of unshakeable exclusivity of an individual "ego", which is able to lead an individual to proclaim oneself as a God. Gaining power by such individuals leads to Tyrannies and Totality regimes!

Unfortunately, we observe a lot of the above in the contemporary political life.
However, the Hope is the last to perish!

Life claims for changes and solutions for essential problems of Our Entity!

Point or Click on the wondering part of figure!

Figure 5.

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