The Project is dedicated to the problem of optimal usage
of human individuality features both in training, labour and rest


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Selfconcept_2018_W_v1.rar (3Mb)

Copyright ©  1984 - 2020
 Idea by  A. Gerashchenko
Programing by Y. Savonchik.

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Selfconcept_2018_A_v1.apk (2Mb)

1. Author of the Project: Mr. Andrew L. Gerashchenko.   
    Programer: Mr. Yuriy M. Savonchik. 
2. Purpose and Objectives:
  - to provide skills in self-evaluation of personal abilities in perception and application of the gained experience in training and labour;
  - to create prompt and convenient system of principal recommendation to apply random data in respect with individual abilities;
  - to show the strong and weak points of the applicant's personality;
  - to identify favourable and non-favourable periods for mastering various training and data material according to particular personal individuality;
  - to develop recommendation for optimum application of inherent abilities in practice;
  - to implement the results of the Project in the traditional practice of professional training and work.
3. Project description: Software program identifying individual biopsychological rhythms on the basis of  "Principal human memory model"  provides generation of human activities diagrams for an individual and displays numeric values for a random chosen time period. The values are accompanied with relevant recommendations for seven basic types of psychological activities.  The software is open for free spreading via world communication network "Internet". The initial success of the Project shall be evaluated basing of the respective web-resource attending counters data. Final success is evaluated subject to number of orders for specialized versions of the principal technology.
4. The Project Implementation Forms: computerized biorhythmical software, spreading technologies via Internet, interviewing users.
5. Expected Results from the Project:
    A. Healthy way of life and adequate behaviour during studies and work encouragement.
    B. Creating new technology of reasonable usage of time and abilities of the younger social groups in acquiring and application of gained knowledge and skills.
    C. Encouraging younger social group, education and business structures to apply new technologies in monitoring individual abilities.
6. Financial and economical support: Sponsorship by the developers.


Program : "RHYTHMS OF HEALTH"  ("BAH")
The Project deals a problem of optimal adaptation of individual particulars
of personal health to the labour and rest

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Astrohealth_2019_W_v1.rar (3Mb)

Copyright ©  2018 - 2020
Idea by  A. Gerashchenko
Programing by Y. Savonchik,

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Astrohealth_2018_A_v1.apk (2Mb)

1. Author of the Project: Mr. Andrew L. Gerashchenko.  
    Programer: Mr. Yuriy M. Savonchik. 
2. Purpose and Objectives:
  - to enable to work out skills of evaluation for potential health status of an individual;
  - to display stronger and weaker aspects of health for an individual user of this software product;
  - to create a prompt and efficient system of recommendations for diseases prevention depending on individual properties of particular organism;
  - to identify favourable and unfavourable periods from the point of view of an individual health status;
  - to develop recommendations for optimum application of preventive measures in accordance with natural biorhythms of an individual organism;
  - to implement project results into traditional practice of individual care of a personal health.
3. Project description: Due millenniums our native Planet crosses certain superpositions of gravity fields in Its orbital points.  That's why reflectory activities of essential organs of human body depend on Earth orbital rotations. These regularities were detected by healers of Ancient East. They created an idealized model of reflectory activities of 12 essential organs of human body. The proposed software was developed basing on their model.  It provides  for automatic construction of individual activity graph for 12 essential organs and displays their numeric parameters  for randomly chosen period of time. These values are supplemented with prophylactic recommendations for 12 essential Meridians of human body. The software product is placed as a freeware in the World Wide Web.
    Initial success of the project is evaluated by means of counters indicating the total number of Web resource attending. The final results will be judged referring to quantity of orders placed for specialized versions of the relevant software production.
4. The Project Implementation Forms:  computerized biorhythmical software, spreading technology via Internet, interviewing users.
5. Expected Results from the Project:
     A. Promotion of healthy life style and principles of adequate attitude to own organism.
     B. Creating new technology of rational use of individual health state  in different periods of labor and rest.
     C. Encouraging younger social group, education and business structures to apply new technologies in monitoring individual health.
6. Financial and economical support: Sponsorship by the developers.


The project is dedicated to new rules of "Cubic Chess" game
 by means of 3-D minding with 8 colors of cubic board

Download "CUBIC CHESS 8x8x8"
for PC under OS Windows (3Mb)

Copyright ©  2019- 2020
 Idea by  A. Gerashchenko
Programing by Y. Savonchik.

Download "CUBIC CHESS 8x8x8"
for  OS Android from PlayMarket
Cognishess_2019_A_v1.5 (3Mb)

Download  Cognichess from this site

1. Author of the Project: Mr. Andrew L. Gerashchenko.  
    Programer: Mr. Yuriy M. Savonchik. 
2. Purpose and Objectives:
    - introduce new rules for Chess Figures moves inside the 3-D space of the game’s field by means of color reflections of players;
    - create a software product that allows you to play two, three or four players simultaneously. As in the perspective of "Every man for himself," and in collusion:   "Two by Two" or "One against All";
    - to distribute this program via the Internet.
3. Project Description: On the basis of the Chess “classic” rules, this software is developed for the spatial movement of figures. It allows any player to lead a battle on game’s field of 512 “cubic” positions by means of own Figures. Each position has its unique intelligent character. These features of any "cube" have a semantic load of the psychological hierarchies of life improvement. That is, the life of modern social and interstate relations. Therefore, any figure of the game, taking one position or another, takes upon itself the burden of responsibility for the use of the “cubically achieved” position. All these are accompanied by the struggle of the Figures for the possession of a dominant influence on the general Chess field.
4. The Project Implementation Forms:
Create the “Cubic Chess” software for any PC and mobile gadgets use.
    Distribute the program via Internet.
    The initial success of the project is estimated by the quantity of this program downloads, and convincing - by a survey data of the interested users.
5. Expected Results:
The development of volumetric human minding by means of color, symbols and numbers, as well as the rules for the use of psycho-philosophical speaking concepts.
     B. Attracting youth, teaching, political and business elites to the use of new technology for creative problems solving by means of the "Cubic Chess".
     C. Teaching the users to conduct by the Game’s Rules in different conditions of their life.
6. Financial - economic Support: Sponsorship by the developers.


The project is dedicated to the accumulation,
usage and spreading of human expressions,
created by different people of all times and nations


Download the program
for OS Windows
Sayings_2020_W_v1.rar (25 Mb )


Copyright ©   2014 - 2020
Idea and programing
by Yuriy Savonchik.


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for OS Android
Sayings_2020_A_v1.apk (7 Mb )

1. The project author and programmer:   Mr.  Yuriy M. Savonchik.
2. The purpose and objectives:
  - create a convenient tool for familiarization, accumulation, usage and distribution the useful sayings of different people;
  - to provide a search of expression  by the author's name or by estimated time of its creation;
  - to provide a search by the topic of expressions (Love, Friends, Work, Leisure, Study, Politics, Economics, Culture and Proverbs  and  ... etc);
  - to provide the entry of new authors and the addition of their expressions in a personal DB;
  - to provide the exchange of new sayings through the Internet connection among registered users;
  - to provide automatic updating of a personal database with information of inter-user interchange;
  - to involve the project's results into the practice of self-education and intellectual relationship.
3. Project description:
Based on the collected sayings of different people the universal (multi-platform) software product will be developed for PC and mobile communicating devices.  
It works with DB of different sayings and expands automatically by a creativity of its users. The software is being released for free distribution through the Internet.  
The success of the project is assessing by the number of downloads of this software and by the increasing of its DB size.
4. Forms of project implementation:
     - multi- platform software product,
     - its distribution via the Internet,
     - monitoring of the DB development ,
     - control keeping for the correctness of new statements,
     - account of this product downloads,
     - account of the new data exchange quantity between the mother DB on server and the personal DBs of customers.
5. Expected results:
    A. Popularization of intellectual self-education.
    B. Creation the popular "Thoughts Exchanger".
    C. Collecting and Spreading of useful knowledge.
6. Financial and economic support:  at the expenses of the developer.

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